Direct & Acme Lighting

DI-RECT kicked off the festival season at Paaspop over the Easter weekend. The newly purchased ACME Lightning also hit the stage. The Lightning will travel with the band throughout the festival season and illuminate all stages of the festivals! .

Gobo projection Ammersoyen castle

When we talk about challenging projects, this one is in the top 10! We have supplied various Goboservice Symp gobo projectors for Kasteel_Ammersoyen, including custom gobos. Like a real old castle, the walls all have their own character. We started working together with Tinus Holthuis to ensure that

Rentall – Pixel Line IP

Rentall from Bemmel (NL) has added the Pixel Line IP to its rental range. You can now rent additional units from Rentall. Check the Pixel Line IP

Splendit – Lightning – “I'm requesting it” on VRT

Many emotions in the new TV program 'I ask it' on VRT 1 in Belgium. Niels Destadsbader invites 5 guests, they talk about a song with a deeper personal meaning and that song will be sung by an artist. A beautiful new show with many lighting fixtures supplied by Splendit The LD Michiel Milbou specified

Divum50 – Poelkapelle Christmas market

Poelkapelle Christmas market chooses Goboservice! The Divum 50K gobo projector from Goboservice was chosen for the annual Christmas market. With a power of 600W, more than enough to illuminate the church beautifully. A mapping was used to cut out the contours of the church. Would you also like to project a mapping? https://www.distrixs.nl/gobo-projectie/

HVR Show equipment – ​​ACME Gemini – Dance Valley

ACME Lighting Gemini illuminates mainstage Dance Valley! The gemini was used as (effect) lighting on the stage. Design and technical realization: HVR Show Equipment Operator: JJ Rotte #mepushbuttons Meet the Gemini!

Luimes AV – Dance Valley – Lucenti

Luimes AV provided the complete technology for 3 internships during Dance Valley. In one of the tents, a large number of Lucenti Blackwave pixel strips were used in the roof. Sit back for a moment and enjoy the picture that Luimes AV has put here. This stage was also used during Dutch Valley

Eventec – Thunderbolt

Eventec (Hilversum) was looking for powerful wallwashers and chose the Thunderbolt from acmelighting. With a power of 144x 15W RGBW LEDs you can conclude that the Thunderbolt is a real beast. These are supplied with a filter to adjust the beam to 40º. We are curious about the events where

Municipality of Middelburg – Projection

“On the Markt in Middelburg there is more and more frequent parking of bicycles. On Friday evenings and Saturday evenings it is often to such an extent that the passage of emergency services is limited or even obstructed. To combat these dangerous situations, the municipality of Middelburg has decided to take various measures. It is an innovative measure

Leen Bakker – Projection

For the newly opened branch of Leen Bakker in Delft we were able to supply 4 Symp gobo projectors that project arrows to show you the perfect route through the store and ensure that you don't miss anything. No sticker and mounted in the existing track. This gives great flexibility because you can use them

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