Moving heads

moving heads?

Luminaires that can move, allowing for a wide range of effects. Ideal for concerts, clubs, TV studio and theaters to create a unique and dynamic light show.

Types of moving heads

There are several types, each with its own unique characteristic that makes them suitable for different applications. The most common types of moving heads are:

  • Spot moving heads have a tight beam with which you can also display a gobo, for example. But can also be equipped with a knife package with which you can "cut out" an object.
  • Wash moving heads have a wide beam with a soft edge. Perfect for illuminating a room or stage.
  • Beam moving heads have a tight and narrow beam. Beam movind heads can travel a long distance and are often used for “air effects” in combination with gobos for a pattern.
  • Hybrid moving heads: a combination of all options described above. Often even more extensive with functions such as Zoom CMY, CTO, Frost, shutter blades and the like.
  • Effects, these are the fixtures that are not standard but a real special. A unique product for the most diverse applications.

Moving head functions

All moving heads are equipped with DMX or possibly Art-net for full control over the moving head.

Which moving head?

The offer is very large. We are therefore always ready to inform and advise you for the right choice of moving head.

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