Profile spot

A profile spot is a spot that is made to make sharp beams. Due to the large selection of various lenses, you can determine how large the beam will be, depending on the projection distance you can make your choice. Or use a zoom lens and be flexible in any situation.

A profile spot is always equipped with blades. These are there to cut the beam, so you can, for example, highlight a decor piece perfectly by aligning the edges of the light with the decor piece. Make a square, triangle or rectangle, everything is possible.

A profile spot is also perfect for projecting gobos.

Profile spots are always equipped with a LED source in various variants and powers. Warm white, cold white or variable white using a full color LED source.
The power of the Spotlight profile spots varies from 50W to 700W! The 700W is able to replace a 5Kw conventional fixture.

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