Project image on wall and public areas

A logo or project image onto the wall outside or inside public places can be done with a gobo projector. Whether you want to project a static or dynamic visual on the street or on a wall, a gobo projector is quickly installed - for indoor and outdoor use.

The great thing about a gobo projector is that it is much more flexible to use than stickers or paint. You can go in any direction with it: order a custom gobo from Distrixs and the limit is the sky! 

The projection is for permanent or temporary use, depending on your needs. We can advise you on all options.

Do you want to project an image on the wall or on the street?

For example, you can temporarily display the symbol for a bicycle shed project street for a pop-up bicycle shed. Suppose you are allowed to park your bicycle in the evening or on certain days and not on other days. Then you simply use the timer switch of the gobo projector to set the projection for a certain time. 

Whatever you want to project, the possibilities are endless. Consider signage during an event, warnings on the street for pickpockets, or welcome messages for visitors or tourists.

The perfect outdoor gobo projector

Distrixs offers various LED gobo projectors. For outdoor use, choose one outdoor gobo projector. That's why the projectors are out Signum series perfect. You can choose 25W, 50W or 75W (the more watts, the more powerful).

All Signum gobo projectors provide a high output and razor-sharp projection, both at short and long distances. They are IP65 certified, which means they are waterproof and resistant to dust.

The projectors are passively cooled. There are no fans, which ensures that water, dust and dirt are not sucked into the projector. Simply plug it in and it's ready to use. Maintenance is minimal; you only have to clean the front glass.

Do you need control, such as Dali or DMX? No problem, our projectors can be customized on request.

Difference between a 50W and 75W gobo projector

To dig a little deeper into the difference between a 50W and 75W gobo projector, we need to look at the light intensity and potential range. All projectors have their own advantages and applications. Here are some important differences:

50W Gobo projector 

  • Brightness: A 50W gobo projector has a lower wattage, which usually results in a lower light level compared to that of 75W. The projection can then be less intense and possibly better suited for when you need more subtle light.
  • Economical: with fewer watts, a 50W gobo projector is generally more economical than one with more watts. This can be useful if you want to save on energy costs.

75W Gobo projector

  • Higher light intensity: A 70W gobo projector generally produces brighter and more intense light than a lower wattage projector. Especially suitable when you need a powerful and striking projection.
  • Greater range: Thanks to the higher wattage, a 75W projector can be placed further away. Handy if you want to illuminate a larger surface over a greater distance.
  • More intense effects: if you want to project something on a large building, a projector with a higher wattage often has more impact.

We are happy to help you turn your idea into reality. We can also give you a demo at your location or at our office, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

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    Examples of visuals on walls, streets and facades

    Here are more examples of using visuals on buildings, streets and public spaces:

    A outdoor gobo projector is often used by companies, municipalities and theaters. For example, for a while the municipality of Amsterdam projected visuals on exterior walls in the city center to warn against street dealers. 

    1. Projecting an image on a wall during (sports) events

    The gobo projector is very popular during sporting events, festivals and concerts. Companies and municipalities often project their logos, facility symbols or even the festival program on walls and floors to inform the public.

    2. A gobo projector for temporary signage or messaging

    A gobo projector is ideal for pop-up activities, such as temporary bicycle parking on the street or signage. Let cyclists know where and when they can park their bicycle in a paid or free bicycle shed. Or let visitors to your event know which way to go to the bar, the emergency exit or the toilet.

    3. Temporary or permanent visual on the street for a campaign

    Not only the municipality of Amsterdam uses gobo projectors to support its campaigns. Municipalities throughout the Netherlands project important messages on facades, walls and streets. Think of campaigns against drugs, smoking, litter, etc. It is a great way to reach a large audience, both locals and tourists.

    4. Visual in public areas during the holidays

    During holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day or New Year, companies and municipalities often project festive images or animations on buildings. This creates an extra fun atmosphere during the holidays and contributes to a healthy community. 
    Distrixs offers a extensive catalogue with designs for gobos, including 192 Christmas designs.

    5. Custom gobo for special occasions and commemorations

    On special occasions or commemorations, you can use a gobo projector to project a message, date or image onto buildings to honor important moments in history. 

    You can also do one order custom gobos for a wedding. Project the names of the new couple on the wall outside or inside the room for a special touch. 

    6. Visuals to make art projects come to life

    Theaters and artists often use gobo projectors as part of a show or art installation. With a gobo projector you can express your creativity in so many ways that your entire project comes to life. For example, transform a building into a temporary work of art!

    With which projector do you want to project your image on the wall?

    Whatever your goals with light projection, you will definitely find your perfect LED gobo projector at Distrixs. For temporary or permanent use. For indoors or outdoors. We have it all. Contact us for a quote.

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