Gobo projector for signage: stands out!

A gobo projector for your signage is the best way to guide people seamlessly through your building or grounds. It projects a symbol, such as an arrow, in a way that stands out, saves space and provides flexibility. 

Consider, for example, the gobo projections in large department stores, where arrows are projected on the floor. Or light projections of symbols for emergency exits, trash cans, toilets and names of halls, which you see at festivals and in museums, municipalities or companies. 

Unlike traditional signage, a gobo projection or light projection is immediately noticeable.

Projectors for signage

Distrixs offers various LED gobo projectors, including the Gobo Symp and the Gobo Signum. These two projectors are both extremely compact, whisper quiet thanks to their passive cooling and suitable for temporary or permanent signage. The Symp offers an optional track adapter for a track.

Gobo Symp: indoor LED projector, only suitable for indoor use.

Gobo Signum: indoor and outdoor LED projector, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Both projectors are widely used by shopping centers, catering establishments, hospitals, hotels, municipalities and museums.

What is a gobo projector?

A gobo projector can be compared to a slide projector of beamer, although some gobo projectors also work at long distances. It projects razor-sharp images, logos or texts onto building facades, walls, floors and ceilings. Instead of a slide or digital data, a glass plate (gobo) is used that you can fully personalize.

Benefits of gobo projection for signage

1. A signage projector is environmentally friendly

  • If you use an LED projector for digital signage, reduce je the use of physical boards, paper, frames, mounting materials, ink, paint and others Chemicals.
  • De light projection can be easily adjusted by replacing the gobo. This means that a completely new board does not have to be installed. 
  • An LED gobo projector uses relatively little electricity
  • Unlike conventional signage, a gobo projector produces no waste material, such as discarded, old plates.
  • A gobo projection is indestructible! Suppose you were to apply traditional signage to a store's walkway, but at some point it would wear off. Light projection does not do that, making it durable and long lasting.

2. Signage in the form of light projection stands out! 

Gobo projection grabs attention of visitors. You can even use the signage with projectors make it interactive or project a moving image. This gives your visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. And that in turn contributes to strengthening your brand awareness.

3. Gobo projection offers enormous flexibility

Do you want to adjust the projection of a fixed or temporary gobo projector? No problem! You can effortlessly adjust your route, update information or show dynamic images. All you have to do is order a new, custom gobo and perhaps move the projector.

4. A gobo projector is compact and saves space

  • Gobo projectors are common smaller and more compact than traditional signage. You can mount a projector to the ceiling, wall, or other surface without it taking up much space. This way you can use them even in limited spaces.
  • An image or text is possible are projected everywhere, even in places where traditional signage is not possible or more difficult. 
  • Because gobo projectors are small, they can be seamlessly integrated in the interior or exterior of a building. 

A projector can be easily moved and repositioned, allowing you to make full use of the space.

5. Razor-sharp signage at different distances

Gobo projectors are specifically designed to project visuals or texts razor sharp. Some projectors are suitable for short distances, while others also work perfectly at long distances. 

Keep your visitors on the right path

Do you want people to arrive at their destination smoothly with eye-catching signage? Or do you want to use a projector to show a warning? Discover the possibilities of gobo projectors. 

Do you have one in mind? Contact us for a quote.

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    Frequently asked questions about projectors and signage

    1. What is the difference between digital signage and traditional signage? 

    Gobo, or digital signage, uses light projection and a surface, while traditional signage uses physical signs, paint and paper. Digital signage offers more flexibility, is more durable and can show dynamic content.

    2. Can I project my own images and text? 

    Absolute! At Distrixs you can order a custom gobo, such as a map, logo, image or text. Whatever you need, we can deliver it.

    3. Is technical knowledge required to use a projector for signage? 

    Gobo projectors are easy to use. You don't have to be technically skilled for it. If desired, we will provide explanations about how to use the projector.

    4. Does a projector for signage also work outside in the rain? 

    Certainly! Some models are specifically designed for outdoor use and provide optimal performance in a variety of weather conditions. Please note, during the day the projection will not or hardly be visible. Daylight is the biggest enemy.

    5. What about the installation of the projectors and support? 

    If desired, Distrixs is happy to help with the installation. We do not install ourselves, but we can provide full support to the installer or even hire an installer. Gobo projectors require relatively little maintenance and come with a two-year warranty.

    6. How long does a gobo projector last?

    Most projectors have a lifespan of approximately 50.000 hours.

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