What are Gobos?
Gobos are glass or metal plates on which an artistic image, company logo or other message has been lasered. Gobos are a simple tool that can be used together with a projector to convey a message or advertisement. Gobos are perfect for logo projection.
For example, they are common in theaters when artists want to create the illusion of moving shapes or objects for their performances. Companies can also use them to project their logos, images and text during events and promotions, or with the right projector permanently against the facade, for example.

Do you have specific wishes or do you have a question? Contact us, we are happy to think along with you.
Please also contact us if you wish to receive the price list of the custom gobos. 

As a distributor of Goboservice, we are specialized in gobo projection, we can advise and support you with every project and are happy to think along with you. Check out the next page for more info, inspiration and possibilities: Click here.

Service and fast delivery throughout Europe

We can deliver black/white gobos on location within 24 hours.
Color gobos can be delivered within 3 to 4 working days. Anywhere in Europe.

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    Gobo service
    Goboservice's gobos and projectors are of the highest quality. It's not for nothing that brands like Robert, Clay Paky. as DTS use the Goboservice gobos as standard for various moving heads. For example, the gobos of the Esprit, Forte, Super-Sharpy and Axcor 6 and 900 are all supplied by Goboservice.

    Custom Gobos
    Do you need a specific design? No problem. We can make custom gobos. Do you have a design but something needs to be adjusted? We can also be of service to you in this.
    With a custom gobo you can think of your logo, personal message, signage or advertisement. Everything is possible.
    Standard Gobos
    We have a catalog of over a thousand unique designs that can be used for any occasion. In the set of standard gobos, you will find different categories such as Architecture, Abstract Shapes, Sky & Stars, Holidays (such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, etc.) , Marriage & Wedding, Nature, Symbols, Sports & Warnings.


    Don't have a projector yet? We can also assist you in this.

    We supply various gobo projectors that are suitable for temporary and permanent installations and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    Depending on the type of projector, it can be used outdoors 365 days a year in a fixed installation.

    The projectors are fully customizable so that they can be used for any project at any location.
    For example, you can make a projection dynamic by applying an animation wheel, or switch between multiple gobos with a gobo rotator.

    20w ice

    50/75W LED

    Divum 30K
    250W LED

    500W LED with zoom

    We are happy to think along with you to convert your idea into practice. Also for demo projections on locations or at our office while enjoying a cup of coffee!
    Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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