Emergency lighting

Gobo projection as emergency lighting

A thorn in the side for many: emergency lighting. There is always a physical lighting fixture with a template that is always visible, even when it is turned off.

We can offer the solution for this with gobo projection. When there is voltage on the system you see nothing. If the power drops, the gobo projector immediately turns on and it is clear what the escape route is.
For example, you hang the projector from the ceiling and it is equipped with an external emergency power unit.

The projectors can also be connected to the fire alarm control panel or the building management system via DALI.

The emergency power units are available in various capacities. This allows us to adapt any gobo projector so that it can be used as emergency lighting.

We are happy to help you turn your idea into reality. We can also give you a demo at your location or at our office, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

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