stage skirt

the perfect finish for your stage

A stage skirt is a must-have for any event where a stage is used. It is an elegant and representative finish that gives your stage a professional and neat look.
A stage skirt is available in different heights and lengths and in the colors Black or White.
We have stage skirt on a roll of 60 meters, which you can easily cut to size. Or you choose one standard size stage skirt which is the same as your stage part, these come with Velcro for easy attachment.
The stage skirt is impregnated and therefore fire retardant. Please note that the stage skirt is not washable.
The thickness of the stage skirt is 320gr/m2 or 160gr/m2. 

If you have special wishes, you can request a custom cloth so that we can make you a suitable offer. You can easily request this on our website.

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Why is a stage skirt so important?

• It gives your stage a professional look.
• It makes your stage look neat and tidy.

How do you choose the right stage skirt?

– Make sure you order the same height stage skirt as the stage is high. This also applies to the length, for this you look at the circumference of the stage
– The stage skirt is available in black and white.

Tips for installing a stage skirt

• Place the skirt on a flat surface.
• Make sure the skirt fits snugly to the edges of your stage.
• If necessary, use Velcro or tape to keep the skirt in place.

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