Logo projection

Logo projection can be used perfectly to increase visibility for your company. By using a waterproof gobo projector, the logo or a message can be projected on the façade in a metre-sized format.

Of course, the projection can also be displayed on the ground, for example.

Logo projection can be permanently installed so that you can show it all year round, regardless of the weather.
Of course, it is also possible to install a projector temporarily, for example for the launch of a product or a company logo during an event.

A gobo is very easy to replace, offering the possibility of changing projections throughout the year.


In addition to the gobo projectors that are suitable for outdoor use, there are also beautiful lighting fixtures that can be used indoors. Compact luminaires with a high light output.

Display your logo at the entrance on the wall, floor or ceiling. Greet your customers with a message or inform them about the current offer.

We like to think along with you in order to put your idea into practice. Also for demo projections on location or at our office while enjoying a cup of coffee!
Contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

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