PC spotlight

A PC spot has a convex lens. PC is the abbreviation for: Plano Convex. The PC theater spot is mainly used to illuminate a part of a stage or an object. Often as front and/or backlight. The PC led spot are all equipped with a zoom range with which the size of the light beam can be adjusted. The beam of a PC spot is out of focus and round. By means of flaps/barndoor, the light can be adjusted even better to the surface to be illuminated.

All Spotlight PC spots are equipped with a LED engine, ranging from 50W to 700W.
These theater spots are available in various shades of white, variable white or in full color up to a maximum of 8 colours.
A 700W variant could replace a 5kw conventional fixture.

Color filters can be used in combination with a filter frame.

From the 100W variants, all Spotlight Plano Convex LED spots are available with a pole operated bracket.

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