Theater textile

Theater cloth: The basis for every stage

A theater cloth, also known as a buhnenmolton or backdrop, is an important part of any stage. It provides an attractive appearance and can be used to create a background for a performance or event.

We supply theater curtains in black or white and in 160gr/m2 or 320gr/m2.
A buhnenmolton of 160gr/m2 is still slightly translucent, a cloth of 320gr/m2 is completely blackout.

Cotton theater cloths

Cotton theater cloths are the most traditional type. They are breathable and absorb light well, making them ideal for theaters with low lighting. However, cotton theater cloths are also more vulnerable to tears and stains.

All fabrics we supply are Fireproof class: DIN 4102 B1+ FR M1 / ​​EN 13501-1 certified, which means that they are impregnated and therefore flame retardant. It is important that the cloths are not washed, as they lose the flame retardancy.

All our backdrops are made from 64% recycled cotton, certified by. CU1000567

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The advantages of theater cloth

Theater curtains offer a number of benefits, including:

  • An attractive appearance
  • A background for a performance or event
  • Sound absorption
  • Protection against light and sound

Applications of theater cloth

Backdrops are used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Theaters
  • Event halls
  • Concert halls
  • Shopping centres
  • Museums

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