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Do you have a gobo projector need or want one order custom gobos? Whether you want to project your logo, company name, marketing campaign, signage or thematic image, it's all possible! Perfect for light projection on or in a building or on the street. For temporary or permanent use. We deliver black and white gobos within 24 hours on location throughout Europe. Distrixs thinks along with you and is happy to advise you. Request a quote immediately.

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What is a gobo projector?

A gobo projector is very similar to a slide projector. Just like with a beamer or slide projection you can project a custom image or text on a surface with a gobo. It is the ultimate solution for light projection on a wall, facade advertising of neon sign

Gobo refers to the glass plate (similar to a slide) that we place in the projector. This image can be anything: a logo, brand name, visual, text, advertisement or artwork. Whatever you need, we can supply it.


Different types of gobo projectors

Within our range we offer different variants of LED gobo projectors On. Each projector has its own unique features and applications.

Gobo Service Symp: The lightweight, indoor projector Symp is perfect for indoor installations. It is fully customizable, so you can convey your message in an eye-catching way. These are also available with a track adapter and are therefore ideal for integration into current lighting. 

Gobo Service Divum: Looking for power & refinement? The Divum offers an extremely detailed projection and excellent performance and very high output in terms of light output. Perfect for when the distances and projection surfaces are larger.

Gobo Service Signum: The Signum is affordable and versatile. This projector performs both indoors and outdoors, delivering excellent results in a variety of conditions.

GoLux Plus: Do you need extra power? With the GoLux Plus you can go in all directions thanks to its excellent zoom range. This powerful gobo projector works at both long (> 1 km!) and short distances. In rain and sunshine.


Applications of gobo projectors

Companies and municipalities often use a gobo projector outdoor advertising, illuminated advertising, facade advertising, corporate events, signage and marketing activities. Theaters and artists mainly use them for their performances and performances.

Here are some common uses of gobo projectors:

1. Gobo projector for special events

A gobo projector is often used during a festive or business event to create temporary visuals on facades, walls, buildings, streets or other surfaces. This attracts the attention of the visitors and gives them a unique experience.


2. Projection on facade or street for brand awareness

do you want you logo on the street project? Outdoor or indoor logo projection: It is a common application of gobo projectors. Companies often project their brand name, logo or slogan on the facade or wall of a building during fairs or events. This way they increase their visibility and brand awareness.


3. Promotion of culture, art or heritage

Gobo projectors are also used to promote art, history and culture. Think of a theme month, art festival or exhibition. With the project historical images or artistic works on prominent buildings you increase the involvement of residents and visitors.


4. Gobo projection during the holiday season

During the holidays (Christmas, Easter, New Year, etc.) companies, institutions or municipalities project festive visuals and thematic images on public buildings, walls or streets. Perfect to promote a festive and cozy atmosphere!


5. Signage and Public Safety

Gobo projectors are used for signagesuch as at major events or in busy areas where temporary signage is required. In this way they help visitors to find their way. A gobo projector can also provide a project warning, contributing to public safety.


6. Awareness and environmental awareness

Municipalities or NGOs use gobo projectors to draw attention to important social issues, such as environmental and health campaigns or social events. By means of projecting symbols onto the street or onto a building, they involve entire neighborhoods and visitors to a town or village in their campaign.


Questions? Please contact us

Distrixs offers different models of gobo projectors, so we can give you the perfect visual effect. Discover the wonderful world of gobo projection! Take today contact contact us to discuss the possibilities and shape your event or project.

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