Gobo projection is the perfect product for letting art speak for itself. Actually, projection is an art in itself. The possibilities are endless.

The projection of gobos as art is often used during, for example, festivals and walks in the dark. Creative drawings, paintings or photos are projected. Gobo projection gives you the opportunity to tell a story without the need for words.

In addition to an image, the possibilities are even greater. With gobo projection, you can pack an entire building with light without, for example, projecting onto the windows. This way, you get the most optimal projection experience on only the areas you want and without reflection in the windows or disturbing the people inside.

We like to think along with you in order to put your idea into practice. Also for demo projections on location or at our office while enjoying a cup of coffee!
Contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

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    Hi, Questions? Questions? Fragen? Des questions?