Custom theater textiles

Theater textiles in various thicknesses, sizes, colors and finishes. Everything is possible.
In addition to standard backdrops in 160 and 320gr/m, we also supply custom theater textiles that can be made entirely according to your wishes.

Do you want a canvas that is hung pleated or tight, or do you want it with an eye every 10 cm or just every 20 cm?
We draw up the right canvas based on your requirements and wishes.

All our fabrics are flame retardant. Textiles can be used for a variety of different applications.
Some examples:
– horizon on stage
– decoration in a studio
– curtain for the stage
– backdrop behind the DJ
– Green screen in the TV studio

We supply the right textile in the desired size for every application.

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All fabrics we supply are Fireproof class: DIN 4102 B1+ FR M1 / ​​EN 13501-1 certified, which means that they are impregnated and therefore flame retardant. It is important that the cloths are not washed, as they lose the flame retardancy.

All our backdrops are made from 64% recycled cotton, certified by. CU1000567

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