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LED strobe – IP66 – outdoor – Adjustable optics – clear or clear – 672 x 0.5W RGB LED – 112 x 3W CW LED

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Acme Pixel Line IP


Pixel Bar Revolution! A mapping strip light is always a vivid element from the stage layout design. Beyond the expected, a punch intensive, a compact flaring surface, and an all-weather enclosing will meet the varied stage arts application.
Most noteworthy is the first try in our industry, a bold attempt that we gained from the Smart Glass Technology(PATENTED) and developed on our new PIXEL LINE IP. Simply switch a channel and turn the front glass into frosted/transparent output, leaving out the traditional slot-in filter, a much more user-friendly and easier capability to create a visual interest washing and dynamic strobing to those linear elements on stage.
Equipped with 672 x 0.5W RGB LEDs and a masterly 112 x 3W Cold White strobe tube hiding in between the majority RGB layout, a perfect way to avoid “empty black holes” during the color chasing, and a new eye-catching strobing layer to express its art. The RGB LEDs are divided into 32 sections while the Color White LEDs are divided into 16 sections, the creative programming from LDs can be big fun!
The friendly installing structure will be in our main concerns. A pair of fully-new designed foldable clamps have been integrated on the back, available in standing alone, horizontal adjustment or a slight angle changes for hooking the cross-cover area. A quick-positioning twist lock on two sides ensures the matrix line up. And we have made a breakthrough in this IP rating housing (PATENTED) in such a compact 8kgs standard one-meter long bar.
All-weather application, numerous innovative achievements, a new definition of effect bar.

Light Sources:
672pcs 0.5W RGB LED: can be divided into 32 controllable sections
112pcs 3W CW LED: can be divided into 16 controllable sections
beam angle:
RGB Beam Angle:101°
CW Beam Angle:108°
RGB Field Angle: 149°
CW Field Angle: 152°
Outstanding color mixing effect
High output strobe effect
Multiple units can be split-jointed with tool-free junction buckle design
Applying the Smart Glass as frontal glass, providing changeable frosted/transparent effect
Four optional smooth dimming curves to meet with different effect applications

Technical & Specification

Light Sources:
672x0.5W RGB LED
112x3W CW LED
beam angle:
RGB Beam Angle:101°
CW Beam Angle:108°
RGB Field Angle: 149°
CW Field Angle: 152°

Optical System
Advanced optical design to ensure LED chips tightly arranged

Control and Programme
4 button touch panel
Display: OLED display
Protocols: DMX512,RDM,Art-Net,sACN
DMXProtocol modes: 10
Control channels: 7/15/21/39/112/17/33/65/68/117
Firmware Upgrade: Upgrade via DMX link

Electrical and Connectors
Input Voltage Range: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 400W
Power In/Out: Waterproof Power Connector In
Data In/Out: Waterproof 3/5-pin XLR and RJ45 Connector

Fixture Specification
Width: 1,000mm (39.4″)
Depth: 124mm (4.9″)
Height: 90mm (3.5″)
Weight: 8kg (17.6lbs)

Carton Specification
Width: 1,105mm (43.5″)
Depth: 495mm (19.5″)
Height: 485mm (19.0″)

Flight Case Specification
Width: 1,209mm (47.5”)
Depth: 661mm (26.0″)
Height: 695mm (27.0″)
Weight::134.5kg (296.5lbs) (Ten-pack loader case)

Work environment
Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C
Minimum operating temperature: -10°C
Maximum surface temperature: 65°C
Protection rating:IP66

Available in horizontal or vertical mounting
Universal operating position
2 x Foldable clamps for 50mm truss
Safety Rope Hole

Included Items
Digital User Manual
Power Cable
2 x Foldable clamps for 50mm truss
Safety Rope Hole

Optional Accessories (with item code)
Signal Line: 3/5-pin XLR signal line
Safety cable: 2060000200 (SW-02)

IP rating


Power Light source



Color mixing




Fixture type



Zone controllable

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