Lucenti – Pixldrive8 pro

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Lucenti PixlDrive8 Pro is an 8 channel PixlBus controller and LED driver with an integrated PSU and KLUSTR technology natively on board. The unit features 8 PixlBus outputs, each of them offering 200W/24Vdc and support data and power. The ports can be enabled or disabled individually and support hot-plugging of other devices.


  • Product name: PixlDrive8 Pro Controller
  • Description: 8 channel PixlBus controller: integrated PSU, KLSTR and Lucenti technology
  • PN: BW-LU-PD8


  • Outputs
    – 8x PixlBus output ports (data + power), 200W/24Vdc per port. Only supports PixlBus devices.
    – 400 RGBW pixels per port (= 8x BW-100, 16x BW-50, …) @ 50Hz. 3200 RGBW pixels in total. Protocol limit for 400x RGBW on one port is ~60Hz.
    – Ports can be individually enabled/disabled.
    – Ports support hot-plugging of devices.
  • Protection on outputs
    – Overload protection: for sustained load > 200W. Auto cut-off for peak loads.
    – Short circuit detection: port will be disabled independent of other ports.
  • Connector: Plastic M12 4-pin connector, push-lock
  • Protocol: Proprietary Lucenti PixlBus protocol


  • Supported device modes:
    – eDMX (Ethernet DMX):
    Art-Net I (broadcast) & II, 3, 4 (unicast)
    sACN/E1.31 multicast and unicast
    – Effects: Internal library of customizable effects, can run standalone
    – Test Patterns: Internal library of test patterns, can run standalone
    – Blackout
  • Supported merging modes (in Art-Net/sACN mode)
    – HTP (Highest Takes Precedence)
    – Merge up to 4 sources per protocol per universe
  • Supported mapping modes
    – Manual: Start Universe
    – Dense mode:
    KLSTR: Automatic mapping (will be added through a future firmware       update).


  • Discovery
    – Auto discovery of multiple PixlDrive8 Pro controllers and all connected PixlBus devices
    – Auto generation of DMX patch
    – Easy assignation of Fixture IDs
    – Link fixtures to on-board GDTF files.
    – Export MVR file from KLSTR application containing all fixtures, GDTF files, fixture IDs and mapping for use in console
  • Synchronization:
  • Packet rate and packet sync Controller can slave to incoming Art-Net or sACN packet rate. ArtSync/sACN support will be added through a future firmware update.
  • Monitoring:
    – Monitor multiple devices from one interface
    – Get alerts of critical events (e.g. port short circuit, devices that went offline, …)
    – Display sensor data (load per port, temperature, framerate) per controller
  • Connectivity
    – IPv6 and IPv4
    – Topology overview and configuration
    – Topology redudancy
    – – Spanning tree
    – – Ethernet ports are automically bridged on failing controller


  • PixlBus protocol
    – Auto discovery of devices on PixlBus, together with KLSTR discovery this allows for a fully automated setup
    – Auto discovery of devices on PixlBus, together with KLSTR discovery this allows for a fully automated setup
    – All PixlBus devices on one controller are synchronized.


  • Hardware
    – Display: OLED single color graphical display 1,3” –
    Rotary pushbutton: Rotating push button knob to control menu
    – LEDs Ethernet Activity + link led
  • KLSTR Desktop APP
    – Desktop app for Windows, MacOS and Linux
    – Allows full configuration of all parameters in an intuitive interface
  • Webinterface: Landing page: Link to download KLSTR-CTRL app. Upload new firmware file


  • Network: 3x Gigabit of which 1x POE (only supplying power to logic board, not to outputs)
  • Power: TRUEcon 115/230Vac 50/60Hz In/Out


  • Power input
    – 110-240 VAC , 50/60hz. 1m Schuko to TRUEcon cable included.
    – PoE port for powering logic board (maintainance, log retrieval)
  • Power supply: 1600W/24Vdc, 200W per port
  • Max operating temperature: min 45 ºC (ambient temperature)
  • Power distribution board: Separate power distribution and voltage/current sensing board


  • Housing: Metal housing, black powder coating, IP20 rating
  • Mounting: 1U rack mountable, standard 19 inch rack compatible, front and ba


  • PixlBus:
    – 30M in between controller and first bar and NO cable in between bars.
    – NO cable in between controller and first bar and 10M in between 8 BW-100 bars.
    – NO cable in between controller and first bar and 5M in between 16 BW-50 bars.
    –  The cable lengths might be increased when using less bars or not using full output (RGBW@Full) on all bars!


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