The SPIDERSPLIT6RF is a versatile 6-way DMX signal booster and splitter. With 1 input and 6 outputs supporting both 3pin and 5pin DMX connections, it offers efficient signal distribution.

This compact device features 100% isolation, signal/power LED indicators for each output, and protection against over-voltage and signal reflection. It boosts/repeats DMX signals, regenerates/cleans them, and allows for star topologies.

The SPIDEREC1025 is rack-mountable (1U) with a size of 482 x 147 x 44 mm and weighs 3.2 kg. Perfect for expanding and optimizing your lighting setup.



  • DMX signal booster & splitter
  • 1 input to 6 outputs
  • 3pin & 5pin DMX In
  • 3pin & 5pin DMX Thru
  • 3pin & 5pin DMX Out
  • 100% isolation for all inputs and outputs
  • Boost/repeat DMX signals
  • Regenerate/clean DMX signals
  • Split DMX signals and build star topologies
  • Connect a large number of fixtures to a single universe
  • Protect against over-voltage
  • Prevent reflection on signal lines
  • Signal & power LED indicator for each output
  • Resistor Terminator to end a DMX chain
  • Power input: AC 110V or 230V
  • Size: 482 x 147 x 44 mm (1U rack mount)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg



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