Functional Overview
ACME summed up many years of performance experience, specially developed SKY TRACK which can be used in the ground, ceiling and combination, so that the fixtures can move steadily, linearly and horizontally along the Sky track’s slideway, so as to set or install fixtures smoothly for various performances, and assist the lighting designer to create a variety of lighting effects, making the lighting designing more interesting and diversified.

Carry up to 200 kilo per meter
Enables smooth, linear, horizontal movements of fixtures
Used on the ground, in the ceiling and can be combination, set up or install fixtures smoothly for various performances

Technical & Specification
Electrical & Connectors
Power Voltage:AC 380V 50/60Hz
Power In/Out:Power cord out
Data in/out: 3-pin XLR

Weight capacity:200kg per meter
2M sky track:
Height: 212 mm (8.3″)
Width: 130 mm (5.1″)
Depth: 1997.5 mm (78.6″)
Weight: 41kg (90.4 lbs)
1M sky track:
Height: 215 mm (8.5″)
Width: 133 mm (5.2″)
Depth: 997.5 mm (39.3″)
Weight: 21.5kg(47.4 lbs)

Horizontally or vertically mounting are available
Operating position is universal
2 pairs fast-locked points under the base
2 x Fast-locked clamps for 50 millimeter truss, install 1 or 2 clamps according to your demands

Included items
User Manual
Power Cable
2 x Fast-locked clamps for 50 millimeter truss

Optional Accessories (with item code)
Signal Line:3-pin signal line