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UglyBox, DMX TRX/RX and signal tester

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The UglyBox is hailed as the ‘riggers best friend’, an indispensable tool in the lighting designer or technician’s arsenal.  With the capability to receive W-DMX™  signals to check their signal strength, as well as check the output of DMX channels, the W-DMX™  UglyBox is great for testing the limits of the W-DMX™  radio system and/or checking DMX data, in a portable, pocket-sized device. The UglyBox is great for checking if a system will work before installation, and checking DMX levels in a system.  The W-DMX™ UglyBox can also be used to check W-DMX™ signal history, allowing the user to see quickly any transient problems in the system. The UglyBox runs on standard AA batteries and lasts over 8 hours.


Single universe DMX tester
Colour LCD screen
W-DMX G5 protocol
Invisi-wire technology
Datasafe technology
View received DMX channels on the LCD screen
History view – view signal strength over time
One-button-to-go support
Adaptive frequency hopping radio
2.4 GHz radio
Compatible with all W-DMX OEM products