Ontmoetingskerk Vathorst - Kugel Light & Sound

Portfolio Description

Prolights were used to supplement the existing lighting.

For the front light, a combination of Pole Operated Eclipse Fresnel TW and normal Eclipse Fresnel fixtures was chosen, to be able to meet the wishes of the different illuminators in the future.
The beautiful organ is illuminated by an Eclipse Par Full Color, with aspecial RGB+Warmwhite LED source to create very nice warm colours.
All fixtures from the Eclipse range have a very high CRI value, something that is very important for video recordings.

In addition, we also supplied several Solar27Q wall washers that can be used flexibly through the use of W-DMX.
We made all lighting easily controllable by means of a Daslight controller including an iPad link so that it is also understandable for non-technical users.

8x Eclipsefresenl TU - 1kw substitute
2x Solar27q
2x EclipseparFC


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