What are Gobos?

Gobos are slides of metal or glass where an image or abstract shapes are lasered. The gobos go into a projector so that the chosen image or illustration can be seen on the surface which the projector is shining on to. In addition to the gobos, we also supply the projectors for indoor and outdoor use; A total solution!


Gobo projection can be used in many ways: Projecting company logos, as signage, to show warnings, or as decoration. The possibilities go as far as everyone’s creativity!

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Looking beside the gobo’s also for a projector? Indoor? Outdoor, we have solutions for all situations. Check here for all the projectors we offer. Click here.

We can help you with all your needs regarding your project. Don’t hesitate to contatct us, we are here to help and support.

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    Standard gobos

    We have a catalog of over a thousand unique designs that can be used for any occasion. For example in the categories: Architecture, Abstract Shapes, Sky & Stars, Holidays (such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, etc.), Wedding & Wedding, Nature, Symbols, Sports & Alerts.

    Custom gobo

    Is the gobo not among the standard gobos with your wishes? Or do you need a more specific design? That is of course also possible. We can make custom gobos and deliver quickly. Do you have a design but something still needs to be adjusted? No problem, we can also support you with that. Just explain your thoughts.

    With a custom gobo you can think of your logo, personal message, signage or advertising. Everything is possible.

    Metal or glass

    Gobos can be produced in special glass (dichroic filter) resistant to temperatures or in metal. Metal gobos are used for displaying simple images or texts in black and white. Glass gobos allow you to create any type of images instead, even full color photographic images are then possible.

    Be suprised with all the possibilty’s you can create with Gobo projection